MyPay को बहार, कारोबार गर्दा सुन उपहार" : Your Chance to Win Big

MyPay Wallet is back with an exciting campaign that aims to reward its loyal users and make their financial transactions even more rewarding. The "MyPay को बहार, कारोबार गर्दा सुन उपहार" campaign, which will run from 21st Kartik to 30th Mangsir 2080, offers fantastic giveaways and prizes to eligible users who perform utility bill payments of a minimum of NPR 5,000 during the campaign period from MyPay Wallet. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at the campaign's details, eligibility, and the amazing offers up for grabs.

Campaign Period

The "MyPay को बहार,कारोबार गर्दा सुन उपहार" campaign will kick off on the 21st of Kartik and run until the 30th of Mangsir 2080. This gives you ample time to take advantage of the exciting offers and prizes.

Eligible Users

To participate in this campaign and become eligible for the amazing giveaways and prizes, you need to be a MyPay wallet user. Additionally, you must perform utility bill payments totaling a minimum of NPR 5,000 during the campaign period. This means that those who use MyPay wallet for their utility bill payments will have the opportunity to enjoy the rewards this campaign offers.

Exciting Offers

1 Tola Gold (1 Lucky Winner): The grand prize of this campaign is a 1 Tola gold. Only one lucky winner will have the opportunity to own 1 Tola of gold in MyPay Gold App, making it a highly coveted prize.

1 Tola Silver (4 Lucky Winners): In addition to the MyPay wallet offer, 4 lucky customers(1 customer per week) have the chance to win a 1 Tola Silver every week in MyPay Gold App.

1% of Silver Balance in MyPay Gold App (Max. Rs. 500): This offer is available to all MyPay Wallet customers who perform transactions above NPR 5000. You have a chance to receive 1% of your silver balance in the MyPay Gold App, with a maximum limit of NPR 500. It's a fantastic way to grow your digital assets and make your money work for you.

**Note: For this offer, you have to Sign Up in the MyPay Gold App with a similar number registered in the MyPay Wallet App. All the prize will be provided in MyPay Gold App.

Terms and Conditions

  • MyPay Wallet Customers should perform a minimum utility bill payment of NPR 5,000 in total during the campaign period to be eligible.
  • The campaign shall be valid from 21st Kartik 2080 till Mangsir 30th 2080.
  • KYC should be compulsorily verified for both MyPay Wallet App and MyPay Gold App.
  • Customers should compulsorily Sign Up with the MyPay Gold App to be eligible for the offer.
  • Customers should verify KYC in the MyPay Gold app with the same number registered in the MyPay Wallet App.
  • To Download MyPay Gold App:
  • Bank Transfers, P2P transfers, and QR payments shall not be counted for the transaction amount.
  • MyPay Wallet reserves the right to review and/or cancel the offer in case of suspicious activity and events beyond its control.
  • MyPay Wallet reserves the right to disqualify any participant who violates the terms and conditions or engages in fraudulent activities.
  • Winners of the silver and gold will be selected at random from eligible participants who meet the campaign requirements.
  • This campaign aims to reward MyPay Wallet users for their loyalty and encourage them to continue using the platform for utility bill payments and other financial transactions.

This promotional campaign is launched in collaboration with the MyPay Gold App.


"MyPay को बहार, कारोबार गर्दा सुन उपहार" is an exciting campaign that offers valuable rewards to MyPay Wallet users. Whether you're interested in growing your digital assets, winning beautiful 1 Tola silver , or even striking it lucky with a 1 Tola gold, this campaign has something for everyone. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to make your financial transactions even more rewarding. Get started by using MyPay Wallet for your utility bill payments and who knows, you might be one of the lucky winners!

[Note: This amazing campaign has been further extended. Click here for more info]


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